Sunday, January 24, 2021

Trim Poetry Competition 2021 - Results

Here is the result of the Trim Poetry Competition 2021.


to make a doll  Angus Strachan England


Echolocation Marian Oxley England

The Invisible House Brian Kirk Dublin

Congratulation to those poets, to those who are listed in the short and long lists below and thanks to all who entered. We had a total of 360 entries this year.

A special thanks to our judge, Jean O’Brien, for carrying out her task in such an efficient, professional manner.

We hope to have a virtual prize-giving reading at our virtual Trim Poetry Festival 2021 in mid-March. More details later.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Trim Poetry Competition Shortlist 2021

This is the short list of ten in alphabetical order. 

The winner and two runners-up will be revealed on Sunday next 24 January. 

Echolocation                                                  Marian Oxley              England          

hunter, gatherer                                              Mary Mulholland        England          

In the Republic of Nuns                                 Karen McDonnell       Clare               

Je ne regrette rien                                           Siobhán Flynn             Dublin            

Normal People                                                Frank Murphy             Meath             

The Conspiracy of Silence                             Ojo Taiye                    Nigeria                       

The Edge of the State                                     Trish Bennett              Fermanagh     

The High Garden                                            Caimin Rooney           Dublin            

The Invisible House                                        Brian Kirk                   Dublin           

to make a doll                                                 Angus Strachan           England

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Competition Long List

 Below we reveal the titles (in alphabetical order) of the thirty poems which have been selected by judge, Jean O’Brien, as a long list from the over 350 poems entered in the 2021 Trim Poetry Competition. 

Congratulation to the poets whose poems are here but also to all who entered. Jean commented on how high the standard was and how difficult her task was. We would like to thank Jean for her efficient judging of the competition. The long list is a tribute to her familiarity with and appreciation of the wide variety of poetic possibilities with poems of many and varied styles and forms included. 


Census         Clare O'Reilly Kildare

Chalk Circle         Máirín O'Grady Dublin

Chang Cheng         Amy Barry Westmeath

Day Room Days         Lynda Tavakoli Down

Echolocation         Marian Oxley England

Excision                 Daragh Byrne Australia

Flints         Anna Forbes Scotland

hunter, gatherer         Mary Mulholland England 

In the Republic of Nuns  Karen McDonnell Clare

Je ne regrette rien         Siobhán Flynn Dublin

Jocelyn Bell Burnell Speaks ... Derek Sellen England

Leaning In         Peggy McCarthy Waterford

Learning to Smoke and Other Things Bernie Crawford Galway

Love         Bernie Crawford Galway

Normal People         Frank Murphy Meath

Ode to My Vocation Boswell Partridge USA

Plague Years         Peter Branson England

Poem for my Grand-daughter David Punter UK

River Bird, Know Your Place Ojo Taiye Nigeria

Rock Pool         George Hopewell England

Season of Brigid         Anne Casey Australia

Sing It         Peadar O'Donoghue Wicklow

the ABCDery of mother’s gardening Angus Strachan England

The Conspiracy of Silence Ojo Taiye Nigeria

The Edge of the State Trish Bennett Fermanagh

The High Garden         Caimin Rooney Dublin

The Invisible House Brian Kirk Dublin

The New Math         Boswell Partridge USA

to make a doll          Angus Strachan England

Wishbone         Sighle Meehan Galway

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Trim Poetry Competition Update

Our judge, Jean O'Brien, is finalizing her selections of listed and winners in the 2021 Trim Poetry Competition. We hope to be able to announce a long list of twenty by 10 January and then the short list in a week or two after that. The exact format of a prizegiving is still uncertain but obviously there won't be any physical Trim Poetry Festival or prizegiving at the end of March 2021.